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Nextmune – global leader in serum allergy testing and allergen-specific immunotherapy

The Nextmune Advantage

We know you have options for managing your patient’s allergies, we are dedicated to helping both veterinarians, pet parents and horse owners provide a better quality of life for animals with allergies. With over 30 years of experience, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of diagnostics and the treatment of allergies.

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Allergy Testing

Serum IgE testing is the first step towards long-term allergy relief. Our SPOT Platinum+ allergy test offers a comprehensive, regionally specific panels, testing dogs and cats for 92 allergens. As our test measures the allergen-specific IgE, patients do NOT need to be taken off relief medications prior to testing. Nextmune provides best in class allergy testing, having tested over 1 million animals worldwide.

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Allergy Treatment

Since there’s no known “cure” for allergies and the prospect of avoiding all the things your patient has reacted to is unrealistic, we utilize hypo-sensitization (also called allergen-specific immunotherapy) to achieve long-term allergy relief. Manufactured in our USDA licensed facility, our treatment has been proven to provide long-lasting relief for patients. Learn more about long-term allergy relief below.

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Nextmune Academy

We continuously organize seminars, webinars and other educational activities for veterinary practitioners.

Register for upcoming educational webinars and seminars. Schedule your in-clinic lunch and learn to learn how Nextmune can help treat your patients with allergies. We continuously organize seminars, webinars and other educational activities for veterinary practitioners.

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Client Access Portal

The clinic access portal gives you access to  resources that will let you order products, see previous orders, sign-up to our immunotherapy reminder system and much more.

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Regional Specific Testing

Each allergen panel takes into account the weeds, trees, grasses, and insects prevalent in your area. Learn about the allergens that we test for in your area with our interactive allergy map.

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Navigating your patient’s journey on the road to recovery isn’t’ always simple – we’re here for you. Our SPOT Blog provides accessible tips, guides, and inspiration for veterinarians.

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