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Horse allergy diagnosis

Let’s talk allergy diagnostics

At present, a definitive diagnosis of IBH and atopy is based on the history (seasonality, recurrence and response to insect control), physical examination, and exclusion of other pruritic skin diseases such as those involving ectoparasites, bacterial, yeast or fungal infections, and food and contact allergies.

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NextEQuine Serum Test

When the presence of IBH or atopy has been established, NextEQ Serum Test can be performed to identify the responsible allergens. NextEQ is an innovative horse-specific test with high specificity and sensitivity.

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Artuvetrin® Skin Test

In addition to NextEQ, an intradermal skin test can also be performed using Artuvetrin® Skin Test. Small amounts of different allergens are injected subcutaneously, allowing evaluation of any local reaction that develops at the site of the injection.

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The treatment chosen is fundamental because without knowing which allergens are causing the problem it is not possible to implement allergen-avoidance measures, or to develop a customised immunotherapy.

Correlating the test result with the clinical picture is essential for choosing the correct composition of immunotherapy treatment. There is only one licensed immunotherapy in Europe – Artuvertin® Therapy – which is the product of choice for horses under European medicines regulations (Directive 2004/28/EC).

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