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Sending us a sample is always FREE!

Generate a FREE label below

After generating your label, please wait 15-20 minutes before calling FedEx 1(800)463-3339 to schedule a pick-up. Please be sure to follow the prompts listed below.

Please retain a copy of the shipping label as part of your records & to track your shipment.

Please note: generating a label DOES NOT confirm or schedule a FedEx pick up. Read more below.

Instructions for scheduling a FedEx pick-up:

  1. Call (800) 463-3339 to schedule a pick-up
  2. When asked, advise that you wish to” schedule a pickup”.
  3. The system will ask if the package is more than 150 lbs – say “no”.
  4. Then it will ask for an account number – advise “I’m using a label or stamp”. It will then ask if the word “Stamp” is on the label –say “no”.
  5. Then it will prompt you to enter a tracking number. Your tracking number can be found between the barcodes on the left-hand side of your label.