Sterile, mild, alkaline skin-and-ear flush containing Tris-EDTA, for direct application to the skin or ear canal in dogs, cats and horses.

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Before-X is a sterile, mild alkaline skin-and-ear cleansing flush containing Tris-EDTA. It can be applied directly onto the skin or into the ear canal. Flushing with Tris-EDTA is recommended before treatment with other ear products. It can be used in animals with ruptured eardrums, and can also be used for flushing other areas, such as the bladder.

Active substances

  • Tris-EDTA solution
  • pH 8.0

Directions for use

Apply directly onto the skin or into the ear canal.

Other ear products and solutions can be applied after waiting for 10 minutes.

Can be used 1–2 times per day (or as directed by a vet).

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