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Food allergy management

Let’s talk food allergy

Food allergy management

When the presence of a food allergy is established, strict avoidance of the responsible allergen is the gold-standard approach. The taxonomic relationship between different protein sources should also be considered to avoid cross-reactivity. For example, if beef does not seem to be a suitable ingredient, then bison, venison, lamb and/or milk might also not be suitable. This also applies to chicken meat and other bird or egg products. If the trial appears to have been performed correctly, but the patient did not improve or only improved slightly, then it is probably suffering from atopic dermatitis and reacting to environmental allergens.

Next+ Serum Test and/or a skin test can identify which environmental allergens the patient is reacting to, and help design an appropriate immunotherapy to treat the cause of the allergy.

We offer the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe which is the product of choice under the European veterinary medicine regulations (Directive 2004/28/EC).

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Gastrointestinal products

One of the symptoms of food intolerance is gastrointestinal upset.

Nutritional supplements can be useful in helping to promote proper intestinal function. Binders like Diatab can help normalise the stool and frequency of bowel movements. A symbiotic like Enteromicro Complex help restore balance to the intestinal microbiome and can support long-term gut health.

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