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Diagnosing Allergies in Companion Animals and Horses

The Nextmune Advantage

When your vet has excluded other possible causes that could be responsible for the symptoms, a simple blood test will confirm whether your pet or horse is allergic and which allergens are causing the symptoms. Your vet will take a small blood sample and send it to our laboratory to analyze. We will look for antibodies against different allergens. If the level of antibodies is above a certain value for a particular allergen, it means your pet is over-reacting to it and causing the symptoms, pinpointing it as the problem and the cause of the symptoms.

The SPOT Platinum+ test is the gold standard for serum allergy testing

The patented SPOT Platinum+ test is the most trusted in-vitro (blood/serum) allergy test on the market. With thousands of veterinary partners around the country and represented in 70 countries worldwide, our test has become recognized as the gold standard for serum allergy testing.

The SPOT Platinum+ test examines 92 different environmental allergens. This includes indoor allergens, such as house-dust mites and molds, and outdoor ones like pollens from trees, grasses and weeds. After performing the SPOT Platinum+ test you will know which allergens the animal is allergic to and treatment can begin.

Never settle for less when it comes to your pet’s health. To find a clinic that utilizes our high-quality allergy testing and treatment for your pet, enter your address or zip code below. If you do not see anything in your area or would like us to contact your veterinarian on your behalf, please click here.

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Testing is the first step, but the real value comes with our steroid-free, USDA approved hypo-sensitization. Each set is a tailored treatment for your pet or horse and will stop allergic symptoms from affecting its health, comfort and quality of life.  The only treatment that can strengthen your pet’s immune system and stop it reacting to the allergen or allergens is immunotherapy (also called allergen-specific immunotherapy or hypo-sensitization).

Nextmune’s allergy test, SPOT Platinum+, is a laboratory-based serum allergy test performed under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian. This is the ONLY safe, long-term allergy relief available – Read more about treatment.

How to treat dog, cat & horse allergies

Regional Specific Testing

If you suspect your companion animal or horse has allergies, contact your Veterinarian to rule out any other possible diseases. If it is in fact allergies, your Veterinarian will draw a small amount of blood and ship it to our labs in Phoenix, Arizona. Once a sample arrives at our labs, it is labeled and examined for quality. Then it is run through our proprietary testing where the blood is introduced to regionally specific allergenic extracts. Based on how the serum reacts when introduced to the extracts, we are able to accurately pinpoint your pet’s allergies.

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