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Eye disorders

Let’s talk eye problems

Symptoms and diagnosis

Disorders of the eye are common in cats and dogs. Common signs are redness of the conjunctiva (a thin membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and the white of the eye), runny eyes, sticky or purulent discharge, dullness of the cornea, «cherry eye» (red bump in the corner of the eye), itch around the eyes, pain, ulceration, changes of the lens, cataract (a cloudy area in the lens), decrease in vision or blindness.

It is important that the veterinarian perform a thorough general and specific eye examination including but not limited to tear production test, investigation of the surrounding skin, eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, uvea (the pigmented vascular coat of the eyeball), lens, retina (the innermost, light-sensitive layer of tissue) etc.

Nextmune offers a range of natural products to gently help clean the area around the eyes.

Eye products

Our top selling products for eye problems

Eye problems and the link to allergy

Allergy – a cause of conjunctivitis

Recurrent conjunctivitis and itch around the eyes are often a sign of underlying food allergy or atopic dermatitis.

Nextmune is the global #1 in allergy diagnostics and treatment with a complete offer from the latest technology in allergy testing, Next+ and NextEQ, to the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe, Artuvetrin® Therapy.

To help find the best foods for the elimination diet your vet can take a blood sample and order the Next+ Food Reactivity Test.  Once the clinical diagnosis of atopic dermatitis is made the vet can run a Next+ (dogs, cats) or NextEQ (horses) serum test or an intradermal test, Artuvetrin® Skin Test.

The Next + serum test will also show if there is an allergic response towards flea saliva and NextEQ serum test will uncover any allergic response to insects.

Identifying the responsible allergens is a fundamental step to implement environmental control measures and to pick the correct allergens for an allergen specific immunotherapy, Artuvetrin® Therapy.  Artuvetrin® Therapy is the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe and the best option for long-term treatment of atopic dermatitis.