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Let’s talk gastroenterology

Gastrointestinal disorders

Common signs of gastrointestinal disorders/disease are: diarrhoea, vomiting, regurgitation, mucus or blood in faeces, abdominal pain, constipation, change in appetite, weight loss, flatulence and/or weakness.

The digestion or absorption of food is reduced or the passage through the digestive tract is altered. There are many types and causes of gastrointestinal disorders such as: foreign bodies, food intolerance/allergy, exocrine pancreas insufficiency, pancreatitis, parasites, stress, tumours, small intestinal malabsorption and more. Perform a thorough examination including different tests depending on the symptoms.

Diarhea and/or vomiting may lead to severe dehydration and should always be taken seriously. Many gastrointestinal disorders will clear up within a few days and may just need small corrections and suitable complementary feed. However, some pets will require long-term nutritional management recommended by the veterinarian. Nextmune offers a large range of well documented gastrointestinal products.

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Gastrointestinal issues and allergy

Allergy – a cause of recurrent gastrointestinal issues

A common underlying cause for recurrent gastrointestinal symptoms is allergy (both food induced allergy and/or atopy). Nextmune is the global #1 in allergy diagnostics and treatment with a complete offer from the latest technology in allergy testing, Next+ and Next+ Food Reactivity Test, to the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe, Artuvetrin® Therapy.

To help find the best elimination diet use the Next+ Food Reactivity Test. Once food test is excluded but the symptoms persist, atopic dermatitis can be diagnosed and allergens confirmed by running Next+ or an intradermal test, Artuvetrin® Skin Test.

Identifying the responsible allergens is a fundamental step to implement environmental control measures and to pick the correct allergens for an allergen specific immunotherapy, Artuvetrin® Therapy. Artuvetrin® Therapy is the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe and the best option for long-term treatment of atopic dermatitis.

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