Pure Digestion – 6.51oz

The most complete digestive aid for cats & dogs! Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotic Fiber and 8 powerful strains of Probiotics.

  • MUSHY POOP & CONSTIPATION – Formulated for pets that suffer from difficulty going to the bathroom. Balances gut bacteria to make poop a healthy consistency. Firming up loose stools and making dry hard to pass pebbles softer and easier to move along. Helps with butt scooting and uncomfortable bowel movements.
  • DOG BREATH & GAS – Whatever is smelly is coming from the belly. Helps with bad breath, gas, constipation, urinary tract infections, inflamed bowels & vomiting. Detoxifies the gut and toxins in the tummy. Leaving fresher breath and less offensive butt air.
  • ONLY FOUND WITH BEST PAW – We took it a paw further. Adding even more vitamins for an immune boost. Organic Coconut Oil, Atlantic Kelp, FOS, Pumpkin Powder, Turmeric and Beef Liver Powder. For dry, itchy skin problems, eye, ear health, and joint health. Natural yeast infections and allergies relief.
  • VET RECOMMENDED – Veterinarians recommend trying Pure Digestion Probiotics while taking medication. Safe, natural and no-side effects make it a veterinarian’s top choice. Try this right away if your pet is taking antibiotics or has a sensitive stomach. Regenerates the beneficial bacteria damaged by meds.
  • TASTY & EASY TO SERVE – A digestive supplement tasty for picky fur babies. No more pill pockets or unhealthy chews and bites. The only powder gut and butt remedy with real beef liver. Simple to scoop, sprinkle over food, mix and serve! You’ll wish you got your paws on it sooner!

The most complete digestive aid for carnivore pets! Pure Digestion is the most encompassing digestive formula that takes into account how much the gut plays a role in immunity and providing nourishment to the body.

Digestive enzymes prepare food to be broken down by the highly acidic stomach acid of cats and dogs. After time in the stomach with pancreatic enzymes and bile from the liver, the probiotics get to work turning food into nutrients, absorbing toxins from the body, and kicking out pathogenic microbes in both the small & large intestine to fortify the microbiome.

This is why it takes 4-6 weeks of consistent use at the weight recommended serving size for any benefits to begin to be seen. Always start your pet with half their weight range serving for the first 7 days to give them time to adjust to the new nutrients coming in.

✔️Provides Digestive Enzymes optimal for carnivore pets

✔️Provides 8 key strains of Probiotics to optimize the carnivore digestive system and support pets on raw, home-cooked, canned or kibble diets

✔️Provides Prebiotic Fiber to allow the probiotics to establish the microbiome of the gut

✔️Includes other powerfully beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, coconut oil, kelp and beef liver

✔️Boosts the immune system and stabilizes a healthy and balanced microbiome

✔️Assists kidneys through specific probiotic strains to help filter toxins from the blood

✔️Provides dental benefits as the kelp softens tartar and creates a protective barrier to resist plaque and tartar from sticking to the teeth

✔️Convenient concentrated powder form so small amounts provide huge benefits (Please serve according to the chart on the label for your pet’s ideal healthy weight!)

✔️Refrigeration required

✔️BPA-free jar and scoop

✔️No added flavorings of any kind, in a base of real powdered beef liver to entice pets