Ermidrà Spray

Long-acting skin-moisturising and soothing, liposome-containing spray for dogs, cats and horses.

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Ermidrà Spray contains propylene glycol, D-panthenol and glycerin to moisturise the skin. Epilobium extract and zinc gluconate regulate production of sebum and have a soothing, cooling effect. Liposomes (microcapsules) transport the active substances into deeper layers of the skin and prolong duration of action.

Active substances

  • Epilobium angustifolium extract
  • Zinc gluconate
  • Glycerin
  • D-panthenol
  • Propylene glycol

Directions for use

  1. Shake the bottle before use.
  2. Apply to the coat and skin and gently massage to increase absorption.
  3. For long-haired animals, spray against the direction of growth of the hair
  4. Do not rinse off.
  5. Apply 1–2 times a day (or as directed by a vet).
  6. Avoid contact with the eyes.
  7. Keep out of the reach of children.

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